Dating with Purpose: How to Find the Right Relationship for You

Tuesday February 15th, 2022

Human beings are social by nature. We’ve evolved to thrive together—in partnerships, families, communities and societies. Social connection is closely tied to our health and well-being. People with strong social connections tend to live longer, have a better mood and may even have improved brain function.1

Social connection comes in all types of relationships from a formal club to friendly chit-chat with a bank teller. But perhaps the most talked about form of social connection in literature and Hollywood is romantic love. Whether you’re looking for companionship, fun or a serious relationship, we’ve put together this guide to help you date as you age.

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Get the why and how of dating for the young at heart in this magazine.

You’ll learn: 

    • Page 8: Why relationships matter to your health
    • Page 18: When you’re ready to date
    • Page 22: How to decide what you want from dating
    • Page 38: Online dating best practices plus profile how-tos




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